Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy 9 Months!

9 months in and 9 months out! Happy birthday my beautiful son!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Making Noise

(Picnicking at Vasona Park.)

Enzo has two sounds figured out now.  Ma and Ba.  Listening to him will often include "Ma ma ma .... Ba ma ma ma...  Ba ba ma... Ma." It's very fun to listen to.  These two sounds, and a couple other tendencies, seem to have sprung up within a week and a half.  Other neat developments in the world of Enzo include him moving his tongue a lot; rolling it around his mouth and lips.  Also, he stands without holding on to things.  Yeah. He stands there, on his own, where ever "there" happens to be.  Big-time stuff.  As for standing, it has not been without costs.  My beautiful son has a little bruise on each cheek and a faded one on his forehead.  They don't seem to bother him.  He's gotten more adventurous and these little scuffs are a part of it.  He is adorable.

(Shea and Nicole joined us.)

Standing on his own involves climbing up to vertical along any surface; my knee, a table, a chair.  Then, just letting go and looking around.  Seconds later usually involves a little bump-to-the-rump landing, and Enzo taking off in a new direction of exploration.  All of this is pretty exciting, extremely entertaining, and truly fascinating.  It's difficult not to get most excited about the "Ma ma ma" sounds. So close to a spoken word.  So close to one of those definable human qualities we hold so dear.  These particular sounds do not yet seem to hold meaning for him.  Though, Enzo is already communicating with sounds and that is clear to me.  I know when he wants to be left to crawling on in a specific direction, when he wants more food, and when he wants to pee.  These messages come primarily from his sounds though movement does accompany.  We are definitely getting beyond just reading his body language to understand his needs and moving into that new arena of Enzo knowing what he wants and him trying to communicate that want to us.  It's not all worked out yet, this new-to-him vocal communication, but he's working on it. The comprehension appears to develop quicker then the ability to speak.  This is better than any documentary.

The ascent of man, in fast forward motion, plays for me through my son.