Monday, August 12, 2013

Two weeks of Slightly Uncomfortable and always Weird

Two weeks of slightly uncomfortable, and definitely "weird" are over. Tami and my kids are home, as are my in laws, from Puerto Rico. For two weeks my family household was empty, Monte and I home alone, as the kiddos and Tami were on vacation with Tami's parents and sister and Fran. This was the LONGEST I have been away from my kids. Before kids, one week away from Tami would have been fun. Sure, I would miss her and I would also have fun. It would be different. But two weeks, and with kids, young kids.... two weeks was difficult. This was not a trip I initially supported. I think the kids are young to be traveling so long. Also, I couldn't go because the timing didn't work nicely with my job, especially as I am in a new position. But, this was a trip that meant more to others and so, after much discussion, I agreed to them leaving. This trip was part of the celebration for the 40th anniversary year for Phyllis and Hun (happy anniversary!) and I knew that the kids would be with five adults who cared about their well being and whom they enjoyed being around. So, I agreed after Tami assured me numerous times that she would be extra vigilant in their care. Not that I doubted she would be; but because it's comforting to hear.

The couple of days before they left my stomach became upset and it didn't settle until a couple of days after they were gone. Sleep was difficult. And then one day I finally was relaxed enough for my internal voice to be heard. And it said something like, "so this is ok, and all is fine..." and without it saying anything more I was reminded that I had no need to worry and no benefit to worry and so I could loosen my grip a bit on life. As I stretched my fingers and the sweat cooled from my relaxing grip, I felt good again. And I could sleep. And I could work longer hours in focus and find the time to enjoy some of the hours spent in leisure.

But it was still quiet!

And the house stayed organized.

And it was quiet!!


We video chatted everyday, and the kids were wonderfully entertained and enjoying themselves. It seems that all seven had a great vacation. When they returned Tami was very happy to see me. What more could I ask for?

Now, the house is properly messy, the kids play, Tami is happy to be near me, and the kids ask me to play with them. Life is good.

There are many photos for me to go through and post from the trip and several other photos that I have from before they left. I'll do some catch up with those when work settles down a bit and after I have caught up with Tami and the kids some more. In the mean time, I am SOOO happy to have my family home.