Monday, August 27, 2012

My Lucky Wife, Asymmetrical Ana, Mechanic Son

(Ana and Enzo are at the left. Look how fancy my daughter is dressed to go and feed animals at Ardenwood Farm.)

It's quite clear to me that Tami has been having more fun than I lately as many of the best pictures are on her phone instead of mine. I have some that she has sent to me but I look forward to seeing the rest that she has. Every now and then she sends me a delightful photo of her and the kids enjoying some adventure while I work. Here are some examples of what the kids have been up to with and without me.

(Ana, who you can see, and Enzo getting autographs on the A's field. Tami was very excited they got Jemile Weeks' autograph. She mentioned something about him being so much younger as the only reason she didn't flirt with him.) 

 (Ana playing ball at Micha's house.)
 (Enjoying the A's.)

 (Dance break!)

(Enzo fell asleep reading! Deep inside I feel there will be nothing to worry about in his education now.) 

(Ana looking at the giraffes at the Oakland Zoo.) 


(My gorgeous boy in his new hat that Grandpa got him.) 

(My beautiful girl on a raft ride at Gilroy Gardens.) 

(Look at my adorable monkey! She could barely reach the bar and yet she hooked her fingers right on and did this over and over for 5 minutes.)

Ana has gone asymmetrical! She now has 10 teeth. The front four on top and on bottom for 8. And then, a space away she has grown out a molar at bottom left and at top right. And just writing this makes me smile as it reminds me how much I love to see my Ana smile. Also, my little Ana, scaler of all things scalable or otherwise, now climbs into her Mami's SUV, around to the seat, and up into her car seat all by herself. Yes, she is 1 and a quarter years old. Speaking of Ana the climber, I went to sit down next to her recently and she instantly jumped on my back and began to climb up and hold on, working her way to my head, all the time laughing. She is tall now, to me who must accept that she is no longer an iddy-biddy baby. And she is beautiful and adorable. One of my favorite things to do with her recently was just to lay down next to her, and in between her climbing all over me, to laugh and tackle and tickle her. This never gets old.

Enzo has crossed a major developmental threshold. Why, why,why????? Neither Tami nor I had ever heard him even say the word why before that day. I was not there but apparently he went from 0 to full on "Why-ness" all at once. Tami told me how she asked Enzo to get into his car seat and he said "why?" She answered and then it began; "why?" to every response. Tami said she eventually began to answer every why with "because I love you" and that worked. Awesome. I don't know if that will work for physics questions but I will remember this worked in case I need to stop an infinite why loop in the future. Another great story I heard from Tami is this. Following the day that Enzo and I tried to locate the short in the VW bug's wiring that makes the left headlight low beam not come on, Tami and the kids were in the garage. That's when Enzo picked up some child sized gardening tools of theirs, gave one to Ana, and said "come on Ana, let's fix the VW bug!" At that point Tami tells me he began applying the tools to the front headlight. Awesome!!

(Enzo got Grandma and Grandpa to put on gloves and play baseball in the house.)

And now for the best thriller story I have read in a long time. These are screen shots of my phone showing the text messages Tami sent me while I was at work last week.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Seven years!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is my beautiful wife...... of seven years and a day. There seems no way to adequately and correctly label our seven years in a brief statement but I will say that it has been perfect in the way it absolutely needed to be. I could not be more grateful to Tami for the love, companionship, and partnership though I certainly could show it more. Simply put, I love you Tami. Thank you for a life better with you in it. I know I am lucky to have you with me. I know I am better to be with you.

Friday, August 3, 2012

My Baby Girl

(Ana at an A's game eating a burrito.)

Today was a very long work day for me. I left with all of my family asleep and will return to the same. Thankfully these days are rare and usually relegated to only a couple of points in my work year; just before school starts for kids being one of those times.

Today Tami called me with a story that lifted my spirits and focus. She called just to tell me a story from earlier in the week so that she wouldn't forget to tell me.

The three of them were on the train for the second time that day at Gilroy Gardens while I was at work and Enzo was making his sound effects of "chugga chugga chugga chugga choo choo." And then Ana, quietly, started in with her own "chugga chugga chugga chugga." Adorable. My love makes sound effects.

And just like that, in the midst of work which has it's own feelings of goodness and satisfaction, I was transported to the presence of my family, a smile made it's way to my face of it's own accord, and my day is all the better for it.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beyond the Cul de Sac

(Excited to go for a ride.)

Enzo really enjoys the VW bug. He gets excited whenever we get to move it together in the driveway shuffle. But this day he is in for a special treat.

Tuesday, we went beyond the cul de sac in the bug for the first time. That's right, my bug now has seat belts (in front) and our cruising together range has opened up dramatically. Not only are these the first pics of me and Enzo roaming far and wide (-ish) in the bug together, but also of the first time Enzo has ever sat facing forward in a car seat. Back in his Honda, he'll stay rear facing for as long as possible for his seat's capacity but he's been heavy enough for forward facing for a while now and cruising the bug warrants the luxury.

A wonderful start to the day.

But just the beginning. While I was off at work, The Kid enjoyed the morning with his amigos at school and then went with his Mami and Ana to Gilroy Gardens where they rode new rides including a raft. I admit, I'm a little bit jealous. Here is a pic that Tami texted me.

(Enzo and Ana on a raft ride.)

They followed that up with hanging out and playing in the pool at Charlotte and Laurie's house. These kids live large for a Tuesday.

(Enzo chatting with Charlotte at her house.)