Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beyond the Cul de Sac

(Excited to go for a ride.)

Enzo really enjoys the VW bug. He gets excited whenever we get to move it together in the driveway shuffle. But this day he is in for a special treat.

Tuesday, we went beyond the cul de sac in the bug for the first time. That's right, my bug now has seat belts (in front) and our cruising together range has opened up dramatically. Not only are these the first pics of me and Enzo roaming far and wide (-ish) in the bug together, but also of the first time Enzo has ever sat facing forward in a car seat. Back in his Honda, he'll stay rear facing for as long as possible for his seat's capacity but he's been heavy enough for forward facing for a while now and cruising the bug warrants the luxury.

A wonderful start to the day.

But just the beginning. While I was off at work, The Kid enjoyed the morning with his amigos at school and then went with his Mami and Ana to Gilroy Gardens where they rode new rides including a raft. I admit, I'm a little bit jealous. Here is a pic that Tami texted me.

(Enzo and Ana on a raft ride.)

They followed that up with hanging out and playing in the pool at Charlotte and Laurie's house. These kids live large for a Tuesday.

(Enzo chatting with Charlotte at her house.)

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