Friday, August 3, 2012

My Baby Girl

(Ana at an A's game eating a burrito.)

Today was a very long work day for me. I left with all of my family asleep and will return to the same. Thankfully these days are rare and usually relegated to only a couple of points in my work year; just before school starts for kids being one of those times.

Today Tami called me with a story that lifted my spirits and focus. She called just to tell me a story from earlier in the week so that she wouldn't forget to tell me.

The three of them were on the train for the second time that day at Gilroy Gardens while I was at work and Enzo was making his sound effects of "chugga chugga chugga chugga choo choo." And then Ana, quietly, started in with her own "chugga chugga chugga chugga." Adorable. My love makes sound effects.

And just like that, in the midst of work which has it's own feelings of goodness and satisfaction, I was transported to the presence of my family, a smile made it's way to my face of it's own accord, and my day is all the better for it.

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