Thursday, April 25, 2013

15 Years!

15 years ago today I rode home on my first motorcycle. What a great day, then and now, to ride a motorcycle.

Today I rode the Ducati to work then took a long way home to keep riding. Tami and the kids are at the A's game so when I did get home I decided it would be a great idea to go ride again on the Norton. I think this is a proper celebration for 15 years. A cup of coffee and a ride on both bikes. It is beautiful out.

I imagined thinking back the 15 years and telling my 21 year old self about the two bikes we have 15 years in the future. To my surprise he was excited to still be so young while owning two very cool motorcycles. Young? That's right. He thought it would take longer to get such bikes and he thinks I'm younger than I think I am. While thinking back I remembered how when young I had started to think in the future of my adult self and that often involved imagining a 45 year old self. I thought of that as the adult me, the me I would most identify with and the identity I would likely hold on to longest into my later years. We will see if that will be the case. None the less, as I now begin to accept myself as an adult without youth, my 21 year old self still sees a youngish man with two great motorcycles and lots of time and health to appreciate them. That guy is so easy to please. And rightly so. There is a lot to be happy with.

Today, the most fun part of celebrating 15 years has been actually riding. But a close second in the celebration is that Tami has serenaded me twice! with "Happy 15 year motorcycle anniversary to youuuuu!" sung like the happy birthday song. And she sang the whole song both times. Once first thing in the morning and again by phone in the middle of the day. Thanks love, it has indeed been a happy 15 year motorcycle anniversary to me.

Stitches Out Day

Yesterday was stitches out day and an all around good day.

Ana was in her last hour or so with stitches in this photo. We started our day with a nice family breakfast. That's a rare treat for a work day as I usually am off before the kids eat.

And we played silly games like scrunchy-face in which all who laugh win.

Then the four of us were off to the doc's office.

We all went in together. Enzo was a little worried when the doc went to remove Ana's stitches but I told him that removing them does not hurt, as we had already told Ana, and he relaxed. "Oh, it doesn't hurt to remove stitches," he repeated. And without issue and quite quickly the doc removed the four stitches. The glue for the cut above will take a few more days to wash away on its own.

Presenting, Ana without stitches:

After dinner that evening we went outside to play and chat. The weather has been great for this and it is rejuvenating.

See that sticker on Enzo's leg? That was on his leg when I changed him out of pajamas first thing in the morning. I was about to pull it off then when he said no, it would pull and he would wait till the ducha (shower) so it would come off. I had forgotten about it until I saw it again in the evening. After all this outside play they did take a bath and, sure enough, when we put on pajamas it had washed off. I know this is simple but I think it's neat how the mind develops and begins making plans over longer periods of time to gain reward or avoid discomfort. And I think it's funny that The Kid spent a whole day playing with an address label stuck on his leg until he got a bath in the evening.

They took turns riding a bike and being on the back. And they were laughing! They laughed like little laugh monsters as they ran around on the grass and rode around the table on bikes.

It's good for the spirits to hear kids laugh like they do.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

2013 Kelley Park VW Show

29th annual show.

In the show before the show. The line to get in to our spots in the show is a good time to be social and enjoy coffee.

We got our spot in our section for similar VWs. Matt and I set up a shade, chairs, table, and food. We got lucky again with a spot next to grass. Then, off for the first of several walks around the show.

A great time. Dad and Don even came by to visit and hang out for a while. There were so many nice VWs. Looking over the pics I see I was obviously only taking pics of bugs this year. Also, I made the most amazing sandwich. Then I made it again. Two best sandwiches ever and in the same day. Been thinking about those sandwiches ever since. Came home with toy VWs for the kids who were having a great time playing with Aunti Tia, Nicole, and Tami. Good day for a car show.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

First Half of April

I hadn't posted anything from the first half of April including Easter or the three days we spent in Monterey or the rest of that week I had for vacation. So, here are a bunch of pictures.

 Decorating for Easter.

The morning egg hunt.

Enzo was excited to get an Earth from Grandma. I was excited he knew it was an Earth. Tami told me they have been talking about it in school. Nice.

My flower.

Riding fast.

 And cute even with food all over her.

 The main egg hunt of the day begins!

 Great hordes of egg wealth were amassed.

 Grandpa spent the day with us and we went to visit both Nana's one Saturday.

Nana Vera is recovering from a broken arm and dislocated shoulder. Some how she still managed to play catch with Enzo and get the two of them riled up and laughing while tumbling all over Nana's bed. 
 First thing you do in a hotel room? A laughing-yell as you charge to the bed and jump on it.

Next thing? Fall on the pillows and then do it again.

Looking out at the Monterey Bay.

 They chased each other around the flowers.
Found shells on the beach.

Admiring their new sun glasses.

Looking like a star.

Mesmerized by the jellies.

Walking Cannery Row.

We went to the park on a day where I had the kids to myself and Tami worked.

This was the only moment they were both quiet after the park. They each were turning pages and studying them before turning to the next page. 

 The kids literally helped me put in the rear pop out windows on the bug. They are pretty good with screwdrivers. After, as I was cleaning up, Enzo goes into the garage and comes out with his chair. He asks his sister, "You want a chair Baby Ana? Yeah? You want a chair? I'll get you one." Then he goes back in and comes out with a chair for her. They set up and sit down like they are at their own VW show and admiring their own work. Sweet!
Ana painted this. It's my first framed Ana piece. I call it "Flying Hearts."

The kids have gone to a couple of games already.

This is the first rose to bloom at our house this year.

And that is a bit of our April. Visiting family, visiting sea creatures, finding eggs, and playing.