Sunday, April 21, 2013

2013 Kelley Park VW Show

29th annual show.

In the show before the show. The line to get in to our spots in the show is a good time to be social and enjoy coffee.

We got our spot in our section for similar VWs. Matt and I set up a shade, chairs, table, and food. We got lucky again with a spot next to grass. Then, off for the first of several walks around the show.

A great time. Dad and Don even came by to visit and hang out for a while. There were so many nice VWs. Looking over the pics I see I was obviously only taking pics of bugs this year. Also, I made the most amazing sandwich. Then I made it again. Two best sandwiches ever and in the same day. Been thinking about those sandwiches ever since. Came home with toy VWs for the kids who were having a great time playing with Aunti Tia, Nicole, and Tami. Good day for a car show.

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