Friday, April 19, 2013

Ana and 4 Stitches

The call I got as I was driving away from work yesterday.

Tami: Ana is OK, but she may need stitches. We are at the ER, please come to the ER.
Me: OK, I am on my way.
Tami: OK, bye.
End Call

First, I gotta say, that message was the most concise and perfect message to relay the important information. I instantly knew who was hurt, that it was not an extreme health issue, that help was at hand, and where to go from Tami's words. I knew from Tami's tone that it was not the time to ask more questions yet. Not a spec of undue anxiety and the perfect amount of urgency was conveyed.

So, when I got to the ER room I walked in and saw this:

Two kids drawing and it was clear that all was OK under the circumstances. Even though Tami did look as though the day had just been a little too sad before the current calm.

 Here is Ana showing Papi that her shirt was dirty with blood on it.
She was active and in good spirits.

 Here is Ana with the topical cream waiting for the numbing action to start so the wound could be properly cleaned, a shot given, and stitches made. And probably also wondering why her Papi feels the need to document everything. By the way, Ana had fallen and hit the corner of a table outside. That's what I learned to be the start of this adventure.
When the docs came back in it was time for me and Enzo to go outside. It was hard for me to leave because I wanted to be there for her. But, one of us needed to be with Enzo outside and Tami really would be the one Ana would find the most comforting.

The docs gave Ana and Enzo a popsicle and a juice box before we headed outside. These are two things we never give the kids but the day was a good day for a special treat. The upside to this is that I got some of the cutest pictures of Enzo outside eating his popsicle. He did in fact exclaim "This popsicle is delicious" as he savored the orange sugary delight. The rest of the words below are my interpretation of his thoughts.
Yummmm. Popsicle. That's good stuff man.

Look how smiley this makes me- it's Crazy Good!!

How did you get so delicious popsicle?

You are delightful.

I taste you.

I mean really! How can you be so delicious? What magic has created you?
How do I like thee? Let me count the ways.

I like you most when eating you. I wonder how I am going to get Papi to get me 500 more of you. Ah, these are the days my friend. Sitting outside, beautiful weather, my favorite converse shoes on, a popsicle, and a beautiful world. Indeed.... life is good. Yes, these are the days.

Meanwhile, Ana was all done with the docs. Glue for one wound and four stitches for the lower one by the eyebrow.
All better. All done. And the popsicle done by this point, too. Now for the juice. SUGAR!

In this whole process I never saw a tear, on Ana. I did on Tami. Poor Ana and Tami. Tami told me that it was very sad, Ana was very loud, there were many Ana tears, and Ana was very much not happy to be getting the stitches. But once over, a quick recovery.

My beautiful girl all stitched and ready to head out.

Bravery Award winner! Yep, that's my daughter.

All is well in the world, back home, dinner in the belly and a green ball to play with.

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  1. Oh, Randy, I am so sorry to hear of Ana's's always so scary to the child and to the parents when something like that happens. I'm so glad Tami was with her and that you were able to be there to help with Enzo. Ana is a true trooper!