Thursday, April 25, 2013

Stitches Out Day

Yesterday was stitches out day and an all around good day.

Ana was in her last hour or so with stitches in this photo. We started our day with a nice family breakfast. That's a rare treat for a work day as I usually am off before the kids eat.

And we played silly games like scrunchy-face in which all who laugh win.

Then the four of us were off to the doc's office.

We all went in together. Enzo was a little worried when the doc went to remove Ana's stitches but I told him that removing them does not hurt, as we had already told Ana, and he relaxed. "Oh, it doesn't hurt to remove stitches," he repeated. And without issue and quite quickly the doc removed the four stitches. The glue for the cut above will take a few more days to wash away on its own.

Presenting, Ana without stitches:

After dinner that evening we went outside to play and chat. The weather has been great for this and it is rejuvenating.

See that sticker on Enzo's leg? That was on his leg when I changed him out of pajamas first thing in the morning. I was about to pull it off then when he said no, it would pull and he would wait till the ducha (shower) so it would come off. I had forgotten about it until I saw it again in the evening. After all this outside play they did take a bath and, sure enough, when we put on pajamas it had washed off. I know this is simple but I think it's neat how the mind develops and begins making plans over longer periods of time to gain reward or avoid discomfort. And I think it's funny that The Kid spent a whole day playing with an address label stuck on his leg until he got a bath in the evening.

They took turns riding a bike and being on the back. And they were laughing! They laughed like little laugh monsters as they ran around on the grass and rode around the table on bikes.

It's good for the spirits to hear kids laugh like they do.

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