Saturday, April 20, 2013

First Half of April

I hadn't posted anything from the first half of April including Easter or the three days we spent in Monterey or the rest of that week I had for vacation. So, here are a bunch of pictures.

 Decorating for Easter.

The morning egg hunt.

Enzo was excited to get an Earth from Grandma. I was excited he knew it was an Earth. Tami told me they have been talking about it in school. Nice.

My flower.

Riding fast.

 And cute even with food all over her.

 The main egg hunt of the day begins!

 Great hordes of egg wealth were amassed.

 Grandpa spent the day with us and we went to visit both Nana's one Saturday.

Nana Vera is recovering from a broken arm and dislocated shoulder. Some how she still managed to play catch with Enzo and get the two of them riled up and laughing while tumbling all over Nana's bed. 
 First thing you do in a hotel room? A laughing-yell as you charge to the bed and jump on it.

Next thing? Fall on the pillows and then do it again.

Looking out at the Monterey Bay.

 They chased each other around the flowers.
Found shells on the beach.

Admiring their new sun glasses.

Looking like a star.

Mesmerized by the jellies.

Walking Cannery Row.

We went to the park on a day where I had the kids to myself and Tami worked.

This was the only moment they were both quiet after the park. They each were turning pages and studying them before turning to the next page. 

 The kids literally helped me put in the rear pop out windows on the bug. They are pretty good with screwdrivers. After, as I was cleaning up, Enzo goes into the garage and comes out with his chair. He asks his sister, "You want a chair Baby Ana? Yeah? You want a chair? I'll get you one." Then he goes back in and comes out with a chair for her. They set up and sit down like they are at their own VW show and admiring their own work. Sweet!
Ana painted this. It's my first framed Ana piece. I call it "Flying Hearts."

The kids have gone to a couple of games already.

This is the first rose to bloom at our house this year.

And that is a bit of our April. Visiting family, visiting sea creatures, finding eggs, and playing.


  1. Randy, those pictures are real treasures. Please say hello to your Nana Vera and your mom for me. They are two lovely women and I miss them.

    1. Thanks Aunt Sally. I will pass on the message.