Thursday, April 25, 2013

15 Years!

15 years ago today I rode home on my first motorcycle. What a great day, then and now, to ride a motorcycle.

Today I rode the Ducati to work then took a long way home to keep riding. Tami and the kids are at the A's game so when I did get home I decided it would be a great idea to go ride again on the Norton. I think this is a proper celebration for 15 years. A cup of coffee and a ride on both bikes. It is beautiful out.

I imagined thinking back the 15 years and telling my 21 year old self about the two bikes we have 15 years in the future. To my surprise he was excited to still be so young while owning two very cool motorcycles. Young? That's right. He thought it would take longer to get such bikes and he thinks I'm younger than I think I am. While thinking back I remembered how when young I had started to think in the future of my adult self and that often involved imagining a 45 year old self. I thought of that as the adult me, the me I would most identify with and the identity I would likely hold on to longest into my later years. We will see if that will be the case. None the less, as I now begin to accept myself as an adult without youth, my 21 year old self still sees a youngish man with two great motorcycles and lots of time and health to appreciate them. That guy is so easy to please. And rightly so. There is a lot to be happy with.

Today, the most fun part of celebrating 15 years has been actually riding. But a close second in the celebration is that Tami has serenaded me twice! with "Happy 15 year motorcycle anniversary to youuuuu!" sung like the happy birthday song. And she sang the whole song both times. Once first thing in the morning and again by phone in the middle of the day. Thanks love, it has indeed been a happy 15 year motorcycle anniversary to me.

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