Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bye to Nana O

Today we said bye to Nana O.

Nana O is my dad's mom.

The kids picked flowers from our house and brought them to say good bye to Nana O. You can see them here.

After the service the kids played by this tree for a while before heading to the reception. The service was beautiful especially when three of the grandkids got up to speak. As I recall from one of the heartfelt speeches, Nana O had 7 children, over twenty grandchildren, and about as many great grandchildren. There are a lot of ways to exit but having as many people as Nana O did around her at home and loving her in her last days must be one of the better ways to leave.

Among the huge spread of food and the big family to share with, there was sliced cheese which Enzo thought was super cool and held up for me when he saw I had my phone out to take his picture walking around.

Ana found this bike in Nana O's yard. The kids and cousins took turns with it but Enzo and Ana, especially Enzo, played with it the most. Our kids never had a bike with brakes so they weren't going very far at first. They are use to going forward and backward on tricycles. But dad showed Enzo how to avoid the brake and then there was no stopping him from riding ten miles on the space available to him.

It was a nice day to say good bye, spend time with family, and to celebrate a life.

Good bye Nana O.

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  1. What a lovely tribute. Thank you for sharing, Randy. Blessings and prayers winging their way to your family.