Friday, May 17, 2013

Enzo Dancer Astronomer

Playing before the big dance.

Enzo is in a dance class in Newark. They performed at an outdoor event. Enzo loves a "big stage" and this one was special because it was outside. In fact, when he video called me at work recently one of his questions was to ask where the "big stage" was at. He knows we have a stage at my work and that's one of those things that he associated with the school I work at, though I was in my office when we were video chatting. The point is, he likes stages.

Lined up in order to go out to the stage.

After the dance...
T: you know I started to get teary eyed watching him dance up there.
Me: me too! It's so weird! Why am I getting tears? I don't know.

 Check out the video of Enzo dancing. I love this kid.

 He is so impressive. And handsome.

In other Enzo anecdotal news.....

Here is a child-astronomy conversation from a recent drive. When it gets dark we always say the sun is going behind the Earth rather than that the sun is going down. This we talk about often. But on a recent drive home Enzo took this and went further for the first time.

E: Papi the sun is going behind the Earth and it’s getting darker.
Me: that's right.
E: the sun is fire. When the fire is out on the sun then there is no more fire on the sun. Right Papi?
Me: that's right. (We never talked about the sun going out before, new territory.) The sun is a constant explosion like the other stars and when they go out they can become black holes.... Or white dwarfs.... giants... Or..
E: or a car! That would be funny.
Me: HA!, yes, that would be funny.
E: or a horse! That's so silly!!!!

Ha!!! Space jokes from my three year old! I'm pretty satisfied in life.

Checking out a police car at the event after the dance.

Enzo has been asking me to tell him stories at night after we are done reading books and the light is out. So far I start them all, as my grandma always did with me, "Once upon a time.." This story telling all started in just the last few days so its pretty new to me. One thing I've done is quickly think of a picture and then tell a story around that picture in my mind. I also try to incorporate Enzo’s interests and what we have been talking about lately. I told him a story about the sun after our star conversation and I added the idea that wherever the sun goes it brings daytime and that our night time is other people’s daytime. It's neat because now that is part of his conversation with me. The next night he asked "Papi can you tell a story, but not that one (I hadn't started one yet but he was obviously thinking of one of the stories), I want the one with the boy and the sun and the day time?"

I like these talks. I hope we enjoy them for a very long time.

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