Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Early May Pics

I have so many pics from early May.

This was a day when we were playing in the yard. Enzo is really good at throwing the ball up with one hand and then hitting the ball with the bat in his other hand. He is also very cute running in circles after hitting the ball while he yells "run the bases run the bases run the bases."

This is Ana showing me that there are flowers in the tree.

A hit! Caught in a photo.

We also visited Grandma and Grandpa that day. Here you see the kids, who are broken trains, getting fixed by their Grandma. Fixing these special trains involves tickles.

Check out the expressions on these next three. This is Ana waiting patiently for her slow parents to go outside.

These next two are for pondering. One child is almost two. One is three. One is using a fork- mostly. The other clearly isn't.  You can guess that the ages are not indicative of fork use on this particular day.

These are pics that Ana and I were both taking while playing with my phone.

The kids love to go outside and play.

This is super cool. I started watching a car show where they are restoring a car and explaining the tools they are using. A few minutes into it Enzo says "Papi, can you help me find my tools, they are hiding." After we found them he and Ana started playing tools. Awesome.

My cruising Ana.

Here are pics from A's games with Aunti Tia.

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