Sunday, September 27, 2009

Baby Gift Registry

Many have asked us about gifts and we have finally created a Baby Gift Registry. The difficulty is that we really prefer used items as part of our general philosophy. And when items are new, we are looking for solid woods, non-toxic paints, organic cottons, non plastic, non chemical coated, non off-gassing items that are environmentally safe and sustainably made. It's not easy to find just one registry that will handle that, but we found one. lets us link to the websites of other companies and also create items on the registry that are not on any web site. That's neat because then we can say we want a onesie and not have to pick a particular one, leaving it up to the giver to decide on a design for The Kid.

If you feel like buying The Kid a gift from the registry, you can click it to reserve the item so that The Kid does not get duplicates. Then, you can look around your local thrift store or buy the item from or any company you choose. Wishpot does not make you buy the item from the company listed in order to check the item off the list. Cool.

Most importantly, there are very few things in life that are truly needed. We're hoping for love and affection to be given to The Kid above all else. Tami read somewhere recently that, while there are lots of neat things for babies, a baby only truly needs 1) arms to hold the baby, 2) boobs or bottles to feed the baby, and 3) a warm place to sleep. When it comes down to it, we've already got what The Kid needs to survive.

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  1. There's surviving, and then there's surviving in comfort and style. :)