Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Sweet Kids

The pain-in-the-butt side of The Kid seems to be hiding out.  Sure, he ran off and then threw his tooth brush when he saw that I followed him to keep his toothbrush in the bathroom.  But that was about it lately.  Other than that it's been all hugs and cuddles and love... and Top Gear.  The new season is running.  Tami takes Ana to dance class once per week and that means Enzo and I get some alone time.  This week we ate burritos outside on the porch, watered the plants together, played with the soccer ball and the football.  And then, rather than go to bed exactly on time, we watched an episode and a half of Top Gear.  Towards the end it was clear Enzo was getting tired so we went off to bed, no issues at all.  Sometimes Enzo is not really in the mood to sleep but not so that night.  We both walked to bed and chatted a bit until sleep fell upon him.  I enjoy these days we have together.

My daughter is becoming even cuter by the day.  She is just soooo soft and pretty and her half smiles, as most of her smiles curl up each side of her smile only half way, are quite attractive.  I like it when she is lying down and she grabs my hand and pulls my hand around, gnaws on my fingers, and rolls around just being a happy baby and sharing it with me.  She can be mesmerizing.  I feel I don't hold her enough.  Not as much as I would like anyway.  Not in a bad way but in a way that reminds me I can not have enough of all that I want when I want so much good stuff.

Enzo and Ana get along gorgeously.  Enzo will bring Ana toys and show her how to use them.  He will still give her little kisses.  Once I was amazed at how many toys Enzo was able to fit in her little arms under her chin as he just kept giving her more and more.  She likes to watch her brother.  They seem already connected; significant to each other.  I think Enzo asked for "Baby" about as much as he asked about "Mommy" when he and I had our evening together.  I caught a little video recently of one of the times they were playing together.  You can hear Enzo at one point ask in his own way "Where is the Palo?... See!"  and then he goes and gets the "Palo" for her.  Palo is how he says pájaro (bird) and he currently calls all flying animals palos which is why you see him get up and bring his sister the toy butterfly which she clearly enjoys to munch on.

Another video I got is of Enzo singing.  He recently learned how to turn on the radio in the kid's playroom, somehow distinct from the entire house that is their play area, and how to control the volume.  I walked by and he was dancing and spinning around and giggling.  When I rushed back with my phone to record him he had moved on to singing.  You can hear him at one point say "bye-bye" to the light when he turns the radio off and then "more" when he turns it back on.

The kids are great together.  My son is an angel again... most all of the time.  My daughter is as glowing and wonderful.

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