Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving, Sunday, and a Norton

(Enzo helping in preparation for Thanksgiving.)

(Thanksgiving day.)

Thanksgiving was a delicious day.

(Grandma and Ana.)

We have started a new Sunday event.  Come on over if ever you would like Sunday breakfast.  Door opens at 9:30am to family and friends.  We want to be sure our kids see family and friends regularly so we thought this would be a great way to do it.  Inspired by the way Nino and Nina's were hosting weekly breakfast events and a desire to strengthen our children's village, we had our first Sunday breakfast/brunch today.  For this inaugural breakfast we had all grandparents, cousin Vincent, Tia K, Nicole and Shea.  We plan to get the word out more now that we realize it's not so difficult to do. If you read this, here is your notification.  Eggs, bacon, coffee, and waffles every Sunday with friends and family and at least two adorable children.  Today we had three adorable children with Shea.  Shea brought a bouquet of fall leaves and Nicole brought one of flowers.  Enzo loves playing with Shea.

(Playing in the leaves at the Farmer's Market.)

(The beautiful Norton rides again!)

And then, there was time to work on the Norton.  The garage now has TWO running motorcycles!  It was so easy.  Why did I take so long?  A slight adjustment to the pilot screws and the Norton now idles correctly.  A change of the front wheel to include a hub with a friction including surface and now there are brakes too.  Well, drum brakes which really are not all that effective but they work.  I took some time to clean up the bike and ride around the neighborhood.  Don helped to adjust the rear tire and chain and then took his first ride on the Norton as well.  It looks great clean.  There is plenty of patina and I have no intentions of making it a show bike but it looks great and runs great now and it sort-a-kinda stops.  I feel so good having the bike running well.  I feel so good having my kids play with family and friends.  To top all of this off, Tamales will be done soon.  Yumm.  Turkey tamales from the left over Thanksgiving dinner.  Tami, her mom and cousin Vincent made them.

(Don tried out the Norton for the first time.)


  1. What a wonderful tradition to begin. Wish we lived closer and we could just drop in. Is that Patricia with Ana? Please tell her hello from me - she was my Maid of Honor 38+ years ago!

  2. Hi Aunt Sally!
    Yes, that is my mom with Ana. Great picture. You are welcome to breakfast if ever you are in the area.