Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Breakfast

(George and Enzo went for a ride.)

Good Sunday.  Family, friends and food.  Among the good friends who visited today was George who I believe had a good time playing.  I know Enzo and Ana enjoyed the company.

(Ana went for a ride, too.)

Last night, after I went for a ride and Tami and the kids had gone to a birthday party and a visit to Maelanie and Satiago's house, we went to downtown Sunnyvale to see the tree lighting and to enjoy the festivities.  Santa was dropped off by the local fire department and we listened to carolers and music.

(At dinner after the tree lighting.)

(Eating avocado.)

(Dancing on Murphy Street after dinner.)


  1. Tammers you look juuuuust like when you were in high school, only now you´re dancing with your own daughter! Your kids are so cute! Looks like you are enjoying parenthood to the utmost

  2. George had a fantastic time playing. Particularly with the motorcycle, big buses, and trucks! He looks forward to coming back soon.