Sunday, May 27, 2012

Garden Fresh Strawberry

I don't remember when Enzo and I started playing blocks or how old he was when he started building rather than knocking them down. He continues to play blocks but mostly focuses on Legos now. Ana, by default, has mostly played Legos too. But today I thought it would be fun for her and I to play blocks. And that provided an amazing contrast to my many memories of playing blocks with Enzo in the early days. I am still not sure if it is a function of personality or age but with today being a relatively early memory of playing with Ana and blocks, in that I have few memories of us doing so, she has already crossed a major threshold. She builds! Very well too. Maybe Enzo was the same age when he began to build but I know we had played much more by then.

Ana, all by herself was building 5 blocks high on carpet. With my help especially on creating a wider base of blocks on the carpet, she was repeatedly going to 10 blocks high which is the highest she can reach when sitting. And when she built her own I made a tower of about 20+ blocks. Am I bragging? Well maybe, but my point is that she let me build that high without knocking it down. When she did knock towers over it was generally on accident. And, this is very different from Enzo at any age so far, more than once she deconstructed a tower. Rather than knock it down, she took it apart from top to bottom, dismantling the tower. Interesting. It was fun and I am amazed at the attention span of small children.

In garden news, our first strawberry was discovered today. Here is the text message Tami sent to a couple of people to celebrate. Also, check out the super cool A's dress in the picture that Tami's mom "Tata" made for Ana.

"I saw it when we 1st went outside. It wasn't quite ready so I was hoping no1 would c it. Abt 5 min l8r Enzo says, "awww strawberry"... I told him to leave there until 2morow. He had to open & close his hands a cpl times b4 he was convinced. Then he walked away. A cpl min l8r it's n Ana's hand. Enzo says "mañana Ana" & then he says "Ana have it" & I c her holding with a smile. & then 2 her mouth. We only let her eat half & then gave the rest 2 E. "

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