Sunday, September 9, 2012

He Can Do Math


Last week.....
I was on the phone with my mom as my beautiful kiddos were playing around me in the family room. Then, my daughter decides she is going to climb onto the table. This is something she tries to often but usually stops after the third time I tell her to get off the table "no en la mesa, Ana." but this time, the kids must have sensed my weakness in trying to multitask because Enzo and Ana laughed a bit and smiled and then, working together they both continued to get half way up on the table while smiling, maintaining full eye contact with me, and only pausing during my protestations in Spanish. Numerous times I had to actually get up and help them off the coffee table. At one point, they literally each put up their left leg on the table in a slow motion synchronized maneuver without taking their eyes off of me. Huge smiles on their faces. Then, ever so slowly, and simultaneously, they leaned forward and got up onto the table at the same time. Little punks! Adorable, but still punks.

Tami decided to come to the rescue, as she told me later, to make sure I wasn't frustrated. I don't think I was getting frustrated though I was certainly beginning to doubt my ability to stay stern despite their cuteness while distracted. And it was abundantly obvious that my authority was completely compromised. My mom and I ended our conversation just as Tami asks who wants chocolate. This is her planned diversion to rescue me.

Because I was feeling goofy, and because I love chocolate, I raise my hand and say I Do! Then, with the kids I went and sat down at their little table as Tami counted out for each of us three little organic dark chocolate chips. Tami had commented before on how, unlike uvas (grapes) of which Enzo will eat an entire bowl of washed and halved fruit in no time, Enzo takes his time and savors each little chocolate chip when she gives him three as some special snack. So, I was doing the same and enjoying the chocolate with Ana and Enzo when Enzo held up his last chip and says "Papi, I have one chocolate." I smile and say "I do too." at which point my son casually leans over, picks up my last chip with his other hand and says "Papi, I have two chocolates!" That's great" I smile, "now, give it back to Papi." but he smiles and refuses to hand it over! Little punk! It took me at least a minute to convince The Kid that he needed to give Papi back his chocolate chip.

I look to Tami for a little sympathy and instead she says "He can do math."

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