Friday, February 8, 2013

A Text Message

A text message that Tami sent to me this morning while I was at work:

Enzo: what r we eating today?
Me: a frozen waffle.
E: no frozen waffle!!!
Me: with butter?
E: yes, a waffle with butter

He is so passionately opinionated! And funny.... and easily won over by butter.

Here are some photos from our recent adventure to the Sunnyvale Baylands park.

 (Watching the remote controlled airplanes and helicopters.)

On another day, back at home......
...there was this scene. They were running around the house playing Monsters! Yelling and laughing and being funny. I made them stop for a second just so I could get a non-blurry picture of how they were looking as monsters. I probably should have tried for video but this gives the idea. Just imagine a bunch of noise and laughing and them running around the whole house like this. Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!

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