Friday, June 28, 2013

San Diego (part 4) - Coming Home

As we took two days to travel there, we also traveled two days home. We thought this would be nicer to make the long drive tolerable for the kids and less stressful for us. I think it was a good idea.

It also meant no major morning or late night rushes and we could eat a late breakfast in San Diego before getting on the road.

We stopped in Ventura to give the kids time to play and all of us some time to enjoy a meal after.

It's hard to beat a playground on a beach with restaurants right there.

We stayed the night in Santa Maria again. The next day we stopped in Salinas, getting relatively close to home and still needing food and a stretch. We ate at a BJ's restaurant.

Which was convenient because no one was eating on the patio which, after our meal, served as a stand in park for the kids to run around in before the last bit of a drive home.

Soon, it was home sweet home. First thing to do? "Papi let's make a train track."

A great week!

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