Monday, March 10, 2014

Music Store Drum Sets

Today we went to the music store because Enzo insisted that he needed a pick for the guitar Grandma and Grandpa got him for his birthday. I had shown him a beginner guitar video on youtube recently wondering what he would do. He ran and got his guitar and watched the 10+ minute video with complete focus strumming along now and again. He resisted my attempt to show him how to hold the guitar but he stayed focused. So, part of the video talked about picks and he has been mentioning for days since that he needs a pick. Then, a string broke. So, while this guitar is really still a toy for him, we went to the music store today and I let each kid pick out a pick and then I got a new guitar string. I picked the wrong one, by the way, and will be going back. These kids are mostly on their own when they want to play music around me. As it was I bought them "the cheapest thick string for a guitar that you have" and got home and realized I needed the "skinny string." Well, I'll go back soon. Anyway, we had fun for about a half hour (I made that up, I have no idea how long we were there) walking around the store. The kiddos were really good about not touching and then asking if they could touch something that they really wanted to play with. At one point Enzo found the display of different foot pedals for drum sets and he really wanted me to buy him one. I explained that those were for drums and then I took them into a drum room to show them. I let them each play a little bit with pedals actually hooked up to drums. Then, I saw in the drum room two electronic drum sets where I could set the volume control on the amp low and let them play. I showed them how to tap the pads, they got excited, and this is what they did:

Awesome! This was their first time playing drum sets. Leaving that room the kids found smaller hand drums and I bought one for the kids to share. Tami said I am now "on restriction" for buying the kids too much stuff. So, besides the drum they each have a pick and we now have a string, soon to be replaced for the correct string, for the guitar. Pretty fun little adventure.

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