Saturday, February 27, 2010

Me and my Mustache

My mustache and I went out for a beer today.  I'm not a mustache person in general, not for my own face anyway.  I am a huge fan of hair and facial hair for the masses, though.  Hair is cool.  It's modified skin cells, did you know that? Yep.  When you modify skin cells you get hair.  When you modify scale cells you get feathers.  Hair is people plumage.  I like that.  Ordinary skin cells get old, flake off and become dust.  But hair, oh wonderful mamal plumage... it becomes a canvas of expression, an indicator of sleepiness, a tool of the personality.  I think more poems should be about hair.  And a man's face is like an etch-a-sketch of hairy fun potential.

As I said, I don't usually keep mustaches and I don't usually keep gaotee's either.  My wife likes me in a goatee so I occasionally wear one for her and will sometimes keep it for a day or two.  Otherwise, mustaches and goatees rarely make it out of the house though I do make them often enough transitioning from beard face to skin face.  This I do a lot as my favorite facial hair status on me is to be growing a beard rather than to be having or not having a beard.  A constant state of growing means shaving once in a while and that's where strange two and three legged mustaches happen or beards that look like anvils.  Good times.

This last four weeks, however, I did the unusuall. I kept a goatee for a whole month.  Perhaps it was my subconcious gratitude to my wife for growing and nurturing our beautiful son.  Still, all good things come to an end, and to continue with the cliches, an end is a beginning.  Tami wasn't too happy when she saw me in the morning, but today was the birth of this glorious mustache.  Yay! I'm not sure how long it will be there, resting casually on my lip like a 70's sunbather glistening by the pool, so I took it out for a beer.  A mustache like this just needs to get out in public for a bit and be seen.  And, it wanted a beer.  Guinness and a mustache, very nice.


  1. What a wordsmith you've turned out to be, Randy. You remind me so much of your grandfather, my dad. You paint such a lovely, realistic word picture. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you Sally. I remember hearing from Randy III that Randy II was a writer. As I now recall hearing, he was published in western magazines several times. I have never seen any of his work but I wonder if I can find examples some where.