Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Morning

(On our way to the Farmer's Market)

It's a good morning. I had gone back to work for two weeks before having a holiday week off. Today is back to work again. After changing my son's diaper and then getting ready myself while he ate with.. of? from? off of?....his mom... while he breast fed, Tami offered to make my lunch so that I could hold Enzo some more before work. She is very sweet.

(Enzo checking out the fish)

Enzo is super cuddly to hold. Growing quite a bit as well. Several clothes are now in the "Don't Fit Anymore" pile. One of my favorite things to do when holding him is to kiss his neck. Super soft. Of course, we chat and look around at the world. This last week for example, Enzo did quite a bit of looking around. Tami worked as a staff development presenter early in the week and that meant that Enzo and I got our first time alone together. For two days he and I would drive off and go walking around for an adventure and then come back for him to eat with his mom every couple of hours when he started looking hungry. That's one thing I can not do for him is breast feed. But, I can take him for walks and show him the Santa Teresa foot hills, downtown Campbell, and downtown Los Gatos. And that's what we did. The rest of the week was eventful as well. Tami, Enzo and I went for our first trip to the rebuilt Academy of Sciences museums in San Francisco. I think he liked the fish. And wow, there were some interesting fish. Beautiful in their own way but not at all in a "wow, I'm hungry and that sure looks like food" kind of way. I told this to Tami and then we started thinking about it and decided that, other than fruit and vegetables, food sure does not look appealing as food in nature. This, I think, is especially true of certain fish, but also true of a cow. A cow just does not make me hungry. Not even when I did eat meat. I'm sure a lion thinks differently. A lion must certainly salivate when it sees a zebra but I don't. I've been to the zoo and nothing I saw looked like a menu item. I have seen wild berries and apples on trees and thought, "that looks good," while I picked and ate them.

(Tami and Enzo in Golden Gate Park)

Yesterday we went to the Computer History Museum with my sister who was staying with us. The exhibit was extremely small as they are still preparing for larger exhibits to open after summer. We will certainly go back then. What they did have was interesting and included the first computer mouse integrated into a widow user interface made by Xerox at their PARC facility in Palo Alto, early disk drives invented by IBM in San Jose, and one of the first Apple computers, the Apple I, built in Sunnyvale. It's amazing how much of the world's digital technology came together within a few miles of my house. Even Google, Yahoo, Ebay, ethernet cables, internet technology, the microprocessor, and so much more, were born within a small radius of home. I wonder what new technology is being thought of right now within these few miles.

About this morning....
I held Enzo, while Tami made my lunch, long enough that he fell asleep in my arms. How much is that worth in dollars?

It takes so little to make a child comfortable and I was able to provide all of it (except his food) for my son before I left for work in the morning. That is a good morning. Looking down at him cuddled against my arm and chest, eyes closed and breathing calmly, arm nestled up towards his face, legs on my arm.... that's the happy image I carry with me today, that is my reward for having a few extra minutes in the morning to appreciate my son.


  1. what a great way to start the day, hanging with your progeny. Little Enzo is lucky to have such caring parents! And you're right-- i really don't salivate at the zoo.

  2. First: I noticed Enzo's hat. Small carbon footprint, maybe. Actual footprint, Impressive in scope.
    Second: A cow looks delicious!