Sunday, January 31, 2010

One Month Old

(Monte at Seabright Beach)

Yes, Enzo is now one month old. He is beautiful and I miss him already. Why do I miss him? Because tomorrow I go back to work and I won't be able to look at or pick up Enzo when ever I feel like it. I am SO glad that I took a month off from work to be with my son and I wish there were some way to take him and have him with me while I work.

(View from the bed & breakfast)

In preparation for this, Tami had the brilliant idea of Enzo, Tami, myself, and Monte going to Capitola and staying overnight. Tami knew that I had been anxiously awaiting the day when I could take Enzo to the beach and she thought this would be a great way to spend some family time together before I start work again. She is very smart. We had an excellent time surrounded by a beautiful world. We just hung out at a bed & breakfast on the Capitola cliff with an ocean view and ocean sounds. The next day we went to Seabright beach. It was pretty cold so Enzo stayed bundled up this time. We will certainly go back to play at the beach when it warms up.

(Enzo goes to Santa Cruz)

Enzo turned one month old on Saturday and had a little party with his grandparents and tia's. That turned out to be a great time, and as has happened before when family comes to visit Enzo, Tami and I fell asleep on the couch before the party was over. We needed the sleep and I'm sure the family was happy to have Enzo to themselves. While we were awake we had a great time with family and good food.

(Enzo and Grandpa Hun)

The main thoughts I have right now are 1) I know it's time to go back to work but I will very much miss my son being so close to me, 2) Spending so much time with Tami and Enzo has been fantastic, 3) Wow, I have plenty to do tomorrow as I get back in the swing of things at work, 4) I sure am lucky.

(Waking up in Capitola)

Really, I like my job and there are plenty of days off to be with family when working at a school. It's just going to be different.

Bottom line, I'm psychologically preparing for another change. I'm grieving for the past that will not come back and preparing for the new days ahead. I know they will be good. No matter how good tomorrow is, it takes a bit of acceptance to let go of an excellent today. Tami has mentioned that Enzo is looking less and less like a new born and more like a little boy. With one hand, time gives new experiences, and with the other takes away the now. I've got some pictures, some memories, and some good feelings as my souvenirs. And, I've got these new experiences time keeps handing me.

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  1. Look at that darling face! What a lucky family you are. I'm so glad you are enjoying your times with that wee tyke. As parents, it's important to take time to savor times together.