Monday, January 18, 2010

First Bath

Today Enzo had his first bath. Everything he does is adorable from hiccup to stare at me. So, you can be sure he accomplished his first bath with as much skill in possessing and infusing adorableness into the event. Sure, he's had a few sponge baths to warm up with, but he was still a rookie bath taker though you wouldn't have known it by watching him. He handled himself like a pro.

It's fun noticing how many "firsts" there are with a newborn. If I were to post them all there would be no time to post anything else. The cool thing about firsts is that they make it easier for a person to notice how neat life is. For me, staring at Enzo and playing with him is an awesome experience because it's inherently awesome. Some day, will I just take him for granted? He'll still be inherently awesome. But, no doubt, I will some days take my son for granted some of the time. Except, perhaps, when there is a first like a graduation, wedding, car, and so on. Life is always a fascinating treasure but we humans are just not wired to be excited every waking hour. We need our down time to recover, neural pathways and hormone levels need time to reset so our body will enjoy the next awareness of awesomeness in our lives. The thing is that it's easy, once you've been around the block a few times, to spend most of the time in a state of down time ready, but not actually excited. With firsts, the everyday common event, like a bath, is made special and I appreciate the moment.

The truth is, Enzo is so amazing because he is alive in a fantastic Universe and his every moment is something like a perfect poem of interaction. I know I will overlook so many moments of poetry over the years but during firsts, it's just a little easier to feel the poem run through our bodies. And, if we're lucky, every once in a while throughout our lives something brings the poetry to our attention.

This morning, I watched the rain come down while holding Enzo in my arms. I introduced him to the day and to the rain. Today, Enzo was my something lucky that brought the Universe to my attention. He reminded me to notice what I've seen before as something fantastic.

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