Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Village

We are so lucky to have our friends and family. We have only been home two days and Tami's parents have brought food, cousin Joanna brought food, and my parents brought food. My parents and sister also held Enzo for a bit today so that both Tami and I could take a much needed nap and then helped take down our Christmas decorations and clean up around the house. Our dishes were done when we first got home with Enzo and I assume Matt and Mitra had something to do with that. Also, friends are bringing food tomorrow. These are just a few examples, not to mention all of the countless kindnesses I have been too distracted to notice and all of the good wishes and congratulations coming from all over from friends and family.

And I think, how in the world do you do this on your own? How does the married woman pull this off when her husband simply must be at work? How does the single parent pull this off and pay bills, and keep up the house, and maintain sanity or even take a shower? How does a couple or a single parent do it when they are in a place with no support?

I sit and admire my son and I haven't enough fingers or toes on our arms and legs combined to count all of our blessings. We are lucky, we are fortunate. And we are grateful.

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