Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2 Weeks Old

Today was a big day for the birthday boy. Enzo turned 2 weeks old, earned an unfettered belly button as his umbilical stump fell off in the morning, went in for his 2 week check up, and went on his first outing to celebrate it all.

As for the appointment, Enzo is good and healthy. Our next appointment is at 2 months.

As for the outing, Tami, Enzo, and I went for a walk along the lake at Vasona Park. It was beautiful today. The clouds were out but the temperature was moderate and the geese were everywhere. Enzo was in the sling as we walked our way to a bench where we sat for a while and took in the weather. It was really nice to get out as a family. The last time we did, Enzo was on the inside.

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  1. Your stories make me miss you guys and home! Enjoy these beautiful days!