Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Big News in the Family... Already!

Enzo is going to be a....

Yes!  We are having another baby!  Tami, and, well.... all of us in the house, are excitedly expecting a new baby on April 27th, 2011.  Enzo will be just 16 months old when he becomes a big brother.  Which brings me to the runner up blog post title for this post: "Amazing how productive we can be with a baby at home."  I was trying to figure out a list of cool accomplishments to give that title the necessary double meaning when Tami over ruled me.  She reminded me of an agreement we had, that I don't remember making (this happens more than it should and my memory is just fine), to announce this pregnancy with a photo of Enzo in his new "Big Brother" bib that Tami made for him.

Our soon to arrive child, "The Progeny", already looks like a little baby as we're now 13 weeks in to the pregnancy.  We saw The Progeny in an ultrasound yesterday.  Tami and I were conservative about announcing this news, just as we were when pregnant with Enzo.  We wanted to wait until the second trimester and the ultrasound to make it official news.  It was not easy holding this back, I can assure you.  I think it is a major reason I have not written much on my blog or chatted much about my thoughts lately.  It's also the reason Tami had to keep making silly diversions to our friend Laurie when she asked to  borrow some of Tami's maternity clothes.  Now you know why we were stalling, Laurie.  It was for a good reason.  She already needs them.

Amusingly, the stress that arose for me soon after learning we had a new baby on the way was what to call the baby.  With Enzo, it took me weeks to come up with "The Kid" so that I wouldn't have to refer to the baby as "it" when we didn't know the gender early on in the pregnancy.  The Kid sort of stuck with Enzo so I'm not comfortable transferring capital T and capital K, The Kid, to the new kid.  With some helpful suggestions, I'm going with "The Progeny" on this one.

It's all so amazing.  We have been very lucky and now we get to experience another beautiful  human discovering our fascinating universe.

Enzo has more big news!  Besides being a third of the way to big brother-ness, he also took his fist steps today!  His first steps out into big space without holding on to anything.  Tami called me while I was at a software training to break the big news.  Super cool.  He is getting quite confident in his moving around.  I can see the decision taking place in some cases while he decides whether to crawl or to walk along the side of a room, holding on to walls or furniture, to get to somewhere, someone, or something interesting.  Soon, there will be a third option for him to consider.  He has now taken several one-step walks since his maiden free-handed vertical voyage today.  There is a lot to be enjoying right now.

Also cool and unexpected is that I wrote a children's book today.  It wasn't a plan.  I was doodling during a computer software training and one of my doodles, a little alligator, inspired some words that inspired a short children's book.  I have a few more adjustments to make to the words and then I can work out the plans for the art.  I'm rather excited to have this project and looking forward to discovering the results.  Soon-ish, The Kid and The Progeny will be able hear a children's book directly from the author.


We're having another kiddo!!!!!!  Wooooo-Hoooooo!!! Here comes The Progeny!!

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