Saturday, October 2, 2010

Welcome to the great month of October!

(In between hair cuts.)
Nothing matters unless we make it so.  And I have made October matter.  It's the most important month in the life of me as far as celebrating my own existence is concerned.  It is my birth month. An entire month devoted to me, by me.  An orange month. A calming month. An observing month. An appreciating month. It's a good month.  For me, it's my month.

October is a time for me to focus on my existence and I do.  To begin this great month, I wore an orange tie (my favorite color) and enjoyed a Friday at work.  The best part about looking for the good things in life is that they are all there when you look for them.  October 1st was a Friday this year... sweet.  Several friends were hanging out at a restaurant on my first day of celebration... excellent.  They weren't there to celebrate my existence, they were there to say audios to Sam who quit his job and to say hola to Don who turned 34 the day before.  But they were also there when I wanted to be hanging out.  So, perfect for me on my first day of October.

Today I woke up and saw my beautiful boy.  He has three teeth out now.  The most recent addition Tami discovered in the night between last Monday and Tuesday.  It's on top middle, left of center.  He smiles beautifully.  Then I gave myself a haircut when Tami and Enzo went to dance class.

My hair was pretty long. Maybe 20 inches in front and 10 in back.  I put it into three pony tails and chopped it off.  I'm not yet certain which group I will donate it to but I'll finish reading up on them and send it out early next week.  All of the groups make wigs for cancer patients.  Until then, my long hair sits in my room, on a shelf, in a box; three pony tails waiting to be used again.

As for the hair on my head, it's pretty amusing.  I kind of look like I am just a guy with an interesting asymmetrical haircut.  Then again, I kind of look like guy who doesn't know his friends played a prank on him in the night.  If I added three or four colors to it then it would look pretty cool, I think.  I look like the new BMW S 1000 rr sport bike.  Look at that bike from the front and then at each side.  You'll wonder how many designers were involved in that one and how much fun they had meshing their thoughts together.  But still, kind of cool in that it comes together.  Anyway, my hair is funky weird.  I hoped on the RC51, craving a motorcycle ride on a motor too fast for my talents (too much Top Gear watching on BBC) and rode to Santa Cruz where I now sit at Java Junction, sipping coffee, typing on my phone, and waiting for a 12 o'clock appointment at a salon I found across the street.  It's a GREAT October 2nd.  And it's just the beginning of the month!

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