Saturday, March 12, 2011

3 Weeks of Impressive

 The wonderful The Kid.  In the last three weeks there have been several new developments.  Enzo climbed up and into his stroller and sat in it just because it was in the room.  Enzo claps now.  It's also fun when he looks at me from his potty, grabs a finger from each of my hands, and laughs as he makes me clap my hands.  The Kid is adorable.  He laughs a lot when I start clapping really fast while he holds on to my fingers.  The Kid has been running up to me or Tami and giving us big hugs.  He also likes to wrap his arms around Monte's neck and hug him too.  That dog gets more love from Enzo than anybody.  Enzo talks more now and he sings to music, all in his own pseudo-words and sounds.  One sound is becoming very close to 'mas' when he wants more food.  I wonder what the first English or Spanish word will be.  Tami wondered aloud which language will be first.  Mom-like and Dad-like sounds are pretty common as well.  Enzo can walk side ways and take steps backwards, too.  He climbs on things a lot and its always fun to watch him learn something new.

Playing with blocks the other day I showed him that we could stack on top of the wicker block-box, turned upside down, to make our buildings taller.  Then he realized, while getting close to hug me that he could turn around from me after standing atop the box to open higher drawers on my dresser.  Ahh!  I moved the box away to the farther side of the room and turned it upside up then went back to play with Enzo.  As it is I have to put all of my shirts and boxers back in the lower drawer every couple of days when I come home.  Enzo just got up, walked over to the wicker box I had moved, dragged it back over, flipped it right in front of me where I sat laughing, and climbed up to a higher drawer to open it.  I love this kid.

His sister is doing great too. Our midwife says she is growing perfectly and that she is head down.  She said that The Progeny just might stay pointing down until her big birth day.  Tami's belly is nice and huge.  I feel good just thinking about this family I am part of.  It's fun as it is but soon I get to play with two kidos.  I hope they love each other as much as we do... and as much as they probably will love us and Monte.

I sent Tami a text with my favorite names yesterday.  So, we are getting closer.  It doesn't mean any of those names will be The Progeny's but we are a step closer.  Still too soon to share the ideas with the world, though.  The names go through my mind often and I'm beginning to feel my way towards certain names more.  We'll see what The Progeny thinks of the names we offer her when she enters the outside.

Super cool... as I typed that I just flashed back to The Kid newly arrived.  He was lying on the scale, after snuggling with mom and then dad for a while, when I presented him his name options.  He had three combos to choose from.  He was so beautiful.  He has grown so much and matured in his beauty.  He is a perfect Enzo Raines.  I wonder what he will think of his sister.  I wonder what he will think of his mom when he eventually gets to know what she looks like when not just before, just after, or while pregnant.  This will be so new to him!

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