Monday, May 30, 2011

17 Months

Enzo is 17 months old today. He is celebrating by taking his sister to her first A's game. I saw him lean over and kiss his sister on the cheek a couple of days ago. That was super sweet and super adorable and left me a little stunned as I didn't expect that level of expression from my son yet. Then yesterday he leaned over so that I could kiss his forehead. Thinking about this, he's coming a long way with kissing. He blows kisses with his hand over his mouth and makes the kissy-smack noise when he blows kisses straight into the air. I wonder if his kisses to mom and dad will change. Those usually involve a laugh as his entire mouth goes over our nose or cheek. I do enjoy those kisses. It's impossible not to smile thinking about them. It's good to see he can adjust as needed for his little sister's little cheeks though. He's probably too young to appreciate how beautiful she smells with her baby scent when he kisses her but he'll have his chance to notice that, perhaps with his own baby, when he is older. It is a delicious and comfortable smell that compliments her cuteness and softness perfectly. Enzo has a beautiful smell as well though it has already changed from his original little baby smell. It is still as addicting to inhale though.

He really is growing. Yesterday he slept in, played a bit and went back to sleep for a long nap. The whole family did the same and it was very nice and needed. When he woke up he looked like his own older brother; appearing taller and feeling heavier as he casually stretched himself awake. My little baby boy is changing.

The older I get, the more cliches I hear in my head, told to myself spontaneously and in ernest. They grow up so fast.

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