Sunday, April 29, 2012

Feeling a Groove

(My Ducati is in there, on the left.)

I just got down from Skyline and I am in a nice groove. Wind feels good on my arms as I sit here typing this at a coffee shop. Tami told me I needed to go on a ride before dinner; good advice, good medicine. First I took the Norton around town to run some errands and then I grabbed the Ducati for a ride. For the first few minutes I kept trying to figure out what I wanted to achieve on the ride. What ride or stop to make? Then I convinced myself to just ride and not worry about it. I found myself on the freeway and really liking the feeling. Often I avoid freeways and get into the hills but the freeway felt so good I just kept cruising and headed north on 280 until I took the Woodside exit and then got in a few mountain twisties to go with the freeway steady cruising. And I feel good. I feel neutral.

In other news... My daughter climbed up onto the toy rocking motorcycle all by herself today for the first time. I just watched and held Enzo back from helping her to see if she could and she did it. Neat. She is really maturing, for an adorable baby. One year old is just a week away. One of the coolest new things with her is she comes in for kisses now all by her own initiative. It is awesome! She leans in smiling to get a kiss on her head or face. Today she went back and forth between me and her Mami for several. I loved it. If you didn't know what she was doing you might think she was about to bump your head but she stops and gets a kiss. Lovely.

Enzo takes care of Ana as best he can for a two year old so long as she doesn't happen to have the toy he wants which isn't easy because most toys she picks up become instantly more interesting to him. In the sweetest voice he will say "You ok Ana?" "You need help Ana?" That last question he asked this morning and then tried to lift her onto the couch when he saw she wanted up. After a struggle, "Papi, you help? Ana wants on sofa."

He is using more and more words. Now he will tell me "That Spanish" or "Yes, that English." I find that interesting; him classifying words. I am also very aware now that when we teach or do something with our children then we must affect the lives of other families because their play is affecting ours. Because of kids he plays with my son now knows how to, and does this at least once a day, be a lion and growl. Today he even play acted excited as he ran around from an imaginary fire. These are two things I don't think we played at home before he brought these into our house. Which is also funny because we have toy fire trucks but we haven't put out any fires yet. I wonder if other kids are playing baseball and making waffles at home and those parents are thinking "when did you learn 'let's go Oakland!' and how to mix food ingredients?"

Ana, mostly quiet, is definitely understanding so much more now. She is such a little person and so happy and smiley. And adorable to kiss. Sometimes when I pick her up she rests one arm on my shoulder and pats my shoulder a few times. It's sweet. I am very lucky to be part of this.

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