Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thomas the Train Day

A beautiful and rainy day in Santa Cruz to ride on Thomas the train with Grandma, Grandpa, Mami, Papi, Ana, and Enzo.

 (Enzo liked looking at the crankshaft turn as we started to go up and down.)

 (Enzo really liked it once we started to go fast.)

(Enzo smiled as he ran out to see Thomas the Train arriving at the Beach Boardwalk again.) 

(Who needs a Thomas the Train cookie when you could just eat all of the frosting off?) 

 (Frosting clean off time.)

(Tami tried to blame the splashing and wet kiddos on me because I didn't make them stop, but I know better.  Tami is the one who taught them how to play in puddles and rain in the first place.)

(And look how fun!) 


(Wait! I want to be in this picture, too!) 

(Ok, I'm ready for the picture now.... oh, look... trains!)

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