Monday, December 31, 2012

It's a Birthday Boy!

Tami made and decorated a train cake for Enzo that he was very excited about. 

My Dad got the train piñata. It came out great. It continued the tradition of not exactly working as planned. In other words, it opened after I helped Enzo, the first person to to get a chance, to pull the strings that he chose. They felt very secured to the train, which explains how forcing them free forced the train to spill its goods. Pretty much the shortest piñata experience possible for its intended function. Luckily Dad has purchased rather large piñatas and so cutting the top open means my kids continue to play with and sit in the train all of these days later.

Enzo putting his own candles in. 

He is quite professional at blowing out candles. No one had to remind him or explain the process to him. We finished singing and he went straight to three clear bursts of air, one for each candle. When did he finally figure this out? I only remember us trying to convince him to blow out candles and then helping him. All of a sudden, three years old, and he knows it all. 

As you can see by now, Enzo got a LOT of train track and trains. Turns out, trains make an excellent toy for sharing. 

Cruising in the train.

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