Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Snow Trip for the Kids

We spent an excellent couple of days at Kathy and Chendo's house in Truckee. It was the kids' first trip to the snow. Patrick and Nicole were visiting from Hawaii and we had a lot of fun visiting, playing, hanging out, and welcoming in the New Year. Well, I fell asleep before midnight but I welcomed it in the next day. As Tami pointed out, this was the first time I slept through the turn of the year while she stayed awake.

Walking out in snow clothes for the first time.


Nicole getting Ana use to the sled before Ana goes on her first sled run.

There she goes!

Kathy taking Ana on her first sled ride!

For every down hill run, an uphill walk is required.

Tami getting Enzo use to the sled before his first ride.

He liked it, too.

Those kids were spoiled. All of the adults were happy to take them down the hill multiple times and then pull them back up the hill while the kids sat back in snow-luxury.


The kids eating icicles, pulled from right out the window, that were hanging from the roof. I had never heard of this but they seemed to enjoy it. Patrick, also new to the snow, tried it and said they taste like wood from the roof.

Beautiful sky.

We had such a great time. We don't see these friends very often but they are always so welcoming when we do see them. Holidays and vacation make for a great time of year. Enzo is still talking about the trip days later and talking about everyone by name. Besides Chendo teaching Enzo to say "Let's go Giants!" he also taught him to say "That's right." That's right is the new catch phrase and has come up often. I can't type the style but there is a certain inflection that goes with the way Enzo says his new catch phrase. He asked me a question tonight, I said "Right." He rolls out "That's right."

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