Friday, January 4, 2013


Friday, among other adventures, we went to the Steinhardt Aquarium in San Francisco. After, we had dinner in the city with Tom and Hung. Today turned out to be a great all around day. Without trying very hard, it looks like we have really made the most of my two weeks off from work. And, there are still a couple of days to go. Here are some pics from the day.

Ana playing hand-blocking-the-snakes-head-forcing-snake-to-keep-on-looking-around-and-moving-along. Safely played, of course, as snake was behind glass. Ana liked that game; probably more than the snake. 

Hey fish! Look at my train!

Mami, did you see these fish?! 

Lunch time. Moments later Enzo decided to try and feed the fish by asking if they were hungry and then smooshing part of his sandwich into the glass. 

I am so excited about this! After the Academy of Sciences remodel years ago I couldn't help but notice the meteorite  was gone. I looked forward to that meteorite when I use to go to visit. Now, new exhibits have been completed since our last visit and.... it's back!!!

These next two pictures are special:
Without warning, Ana turns and lunges at Enzo with a bear hug around the neck. 

What you see in the above two pictures is evidence of a new development. A development which completely surprised me. Why? These are photos of my kids attacking each other and laughing! When did they learn to roughhouse without complaining? What am I watching? What am I listening to? Are those really laughs?.... Yes, they are actually laughing and wrestling each other. I didn't even know I was looking forward to this; very cool. Also, unbelievable if I hadn't seen and heard it myself.

Walking and playing and running and spinning after dinner with Tom and Hung.

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