Friday, October 4, 2013

Birthday... Month!....Plus a Few Extra Days

This is the life.

First of all, I somehow managed to start October early this year. How is that possible? Well, I did it. It started in the last days of September when I realized that October was almost here and I had been so focused on other things that I hadn't begun to plan my birthday month. The great month of October in which I celebrate my birthday for the whole month and generally use that as an excuse to indulge myself every chance I get. I realized that I wouldn't get my annual dose of Grandma's spaghetti and meatballs as my grandma has been recovering from her fall and broken arm and wouldn't be able to cook. It was also too short notice to ask my sister to cook. Soon, I found out Katrina had to work over my birthday weekend at her new job anyway and wouldn't even be able to have dinner with me. So, I mentioned to Tami that this year we would just not make a big deal of it or have multiple days of birthday parties and dinners. I would still celebrate the whole month, but we would just do one day with family and we would just go to an Italian restaurant or get spaghetti as takeout. How selfless of me. Ha!

Still in September, referring to I don't remember what, I justified something to Tami with "It's my birthday month.. almost.. and that works since I am having only one party this year." And Tami did not argue. Then I did other things like eat some chocolate, make hot chocolate, sit around and read, watch a car show on TV though Tami gets tired of car shows, and more, and always saying "it's my birthday" like I do all October. Except it was still the last couple days of September. Then I realized, and I told Tami of my great accomplishment, that I had started October early this year! Cool. And she couldn't take it back because she already didn't stop me early on and now it was too late and she would have to just indulge me. And she did! Coolest wife ever? Yeah. How did I get so lucky to have a wife who lets me be my own center of attention for a whole month every year? And this year I got to start early, too. Awesome. And she made my favorite bean soup for the 1st of October because she knows I like it and because it's the official start to my great month. And she is going to make me spaghetti and homemade meatballs next weekend to celebrate my birthday with some friends and family since my grandma and my sister will not be able to make my favorite birthday dinner. I am very lucky.

I like to go to Santa Cruz near my birthday and philosophize and think about my life and put it in perspective of where I have been, where I am am, and where I want to go. This year I spent some time doing that on Tuesday, October 1st. This year I spent considerably less time thinking about my life as compared to the last several years and I spent more time just doing what I wanted and following the whim of my day which made for an excellent day. I started by sleeping in. Then I walked my family out in the morning and kissed good bye my kids and Tami in the car as they headed off to school. I took a bath and read as I sipped my coffee in the warm tub. Then, I hopped on my Ducati to head to Santa Cruz. But I was too hungry to think straight. So, I stopped in Cupertino first for breakfast and started my thinking and journaling there. That was a definitive break from my annual Santa Cruz tradition. After, I rode off to Santa Cruz. But instead of going straight to Java Junction, I decided to go to the beach first where I read and relaxed and took a nap with the breeze and sounds of the ocean. What a great day. Later I did go to Java Junction for a while to think a little more, to be grateful, to look through recent photos, and to write the blog posts that I have been putting up these last couple of days.

The main result this year to my thinking about my life? It's been a good year for me. Like the way I lived this particular Tuesday, I believe that I have come a lot closer in my every day life to an ideal of enjoying life as it occurs and not spending as much time thinking about what I want. I'm in a good place. I have a loving and supportive partner in life, Tami. I have supportive family. I have good friends. I have shelter, food, and a steady income from a steady and interesting job. I have beautiful wonderful children whom I adore. I get to enjoy days with motorcycles and beaches and reading and thinking. I am very very fortunate. I am grateful.

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