Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Week Off

President's Day starts a week off from work to enjoy a bit more family time. Here is some of what has been collected.

Ana wrote her name!!!!! This was a few days earlier than break and it happened at school. Tami brought it home for me to see. So cool!

Here is Enzo with a couple of other dancers on a stage in Fremont for a performance.

Okay, this was actually from vacation. Enzo was being a monkey after breakfast.

Then, we went for a drive. Tami went to work while me and the kids went for a drive and stopped at Pescadero Beach.

Big news around the house is that Enzo and Ana got scooters as presents from Tata and Hun. They have been the talk and the action ever since.

They inspired me and Tami as well. Tami and I both ended up on our bicycles and Tami even dusted off her roller blades for a skate. On Sunday, Nicole and Shea came over and rode bikes as the kids played on their scooters too.

 On Monday we had a much anticipated play date with Micah, Baby Alex, and Amber. Yes, we took the scooters too. We went to a park that we had never been to before. A lot of kids on scooters and bikes, as it turned out, and a nice park in general. We will go back.

After being at the park with friends, I took the kids to grab a bite to eat. There, Enzo showed me a new face he invented. Not the well known Scrunchy Face. A new face that he told me is called the Scrunchy Happy Face.

Ana tried it too.

I then asked Enzo to show me some other faces. This is him showing me a sad face.
Not very convincing.

The kids wanted to see one of my faces on the phone as I was showing them the pics I was taking of their various faces.
I showed them my happy face.

Ana kept looking at herself in the mirror and licking it when I wasn't looking. I told her to stop when I would catch her but then she would sneakily do it again. I decided I may as well get a picture of her playing with the mirror if I wasn't going to get my directives followed. May as well enjoy the entertainment.

We had so much fun we decided to try something crazy. Two parks in one day! Yeah, we went to Vasona and played with... you guessed it... scooters! And also the playground. Enzo made a new friend and played with him for a very long time. It started when Enzo noticed that the other kid, about Enzo's age, had the same hotwheel cars that Enzo has at home. Enzo told the boy as much and they started talking. Then they started playing and did so for a very long time. Nicole and Shea joined us at the park as well. It was a good time. And the kids were exhausted when we got home!

Here are a couple more pics of the kids with their scooters.
Enzo has two different color shoes on. It's not an accident. He has been doing this for over a week on purpose and chooses these shoes every day. I taught him the word mismatch a couple of days ago and now he tells me that he is putting on his mismatch shoes in the morning.

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