Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gender Roles

While not always the case, the gender roles of the children seem to be quite traditional today. And those of the parents are exactly opposite today. Tami is at work. I have spent the last hour bare foot in the kitchen washing dishes. For that entire hour Enzo has been running around the house yelling "blast off!" and playing with space ships loudly as Ana has spent this same entire hour playing quietly with her baby doll. The doll has been put in and out of a blanket, in and out of a car seat, and been spoken to softly. As I type this I can hear that the baby must have just been hurt because Ana is soothing the baby with the magic words that Tami taught us all. Sana, sana, colita de rana, si no sanas hoy, sanaras manana. (That was Spanish and I am not trying to find the correct spelling right now but that must be close. It means: Heal, heal, frog tale, if you are not healed today, you will be heeled tomorrow.)

So, now to pay some bills which is why I sat down at this desk in the first place. It's just amazing to notice the "traditional" gender rolls being modeled so clearly today. Usually they both play with the same toys though his attention is longer on the cars and planes and hers longer on the dance shoes.

And kids, when you read this some day, know that I am ok with any rolls you decided to play. Especially if, at least some times, you think of the world as a scientist would, well into your mature years, to appreciate, apply logic, analyze, hypothesize, test, and play with the universe around us.

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