Tuesday, May 27, 2014

To a Birthday Party

But first, look how excited Enzo is about the "chip sandwich" he made. This is essentially a stack of chips. But way more exciting.... a chip sandwich! And Ana? She is just thinking about life.

Ok, we went to a birthday party for one of the kids' friends from school. And now, everything will be different. It's kind of funny to me but this one party, which was fun and all around great, did several things that we have sheltered our kids from until that day. And now we won't. The theme was a commercial theme; Frozen. The piñata was hit with a bat. Yeah, I know that is normal. Still, we always use the pull kind where kids pull strings and one of them is designed to actually open the piñata. So, our kids had never hit a piñata before. And, our kids had never played with a toy weapon before; no, not even a water gun. They have water squeeze toys in the tub, but no devices manufactured to be like any toy weapons. Judge all you want, I have no problem admitting we are granolas. Anyway, these things changed at one party...

Ana at a water table. Water tables and sand tables are just so fun.

They had a trampoline, too. That's Enzo on the right in there.

Ok, this may be hard to see, but that is Enzo filling up a water gun for the first time. Documented. Many trees were watered as a result by he and his friends.

Isn't may Ana beautiful? I almost typed baby girl but I stopped as my mind reflected on how she is growing up so much. Her sentences are so much more complicated and her speech more clear. She is a strong willed young lady with a magnificent hug.

Ana's first hit of a piñata!

Enzo's first hit of a piñata!

So, a change is made. Tami and I agreed that this is the last year of pull string piñatas for the kiddos. After Ana's 3rd, we will start beating up piñatas. Funny how a party and time can change an experience. Funnier still the silly ways to mark the passage of time and such changes.

Ok, this is Ana with a jackpot of tickets. It was Aunti Johna's birthday party at Dave & Buster's. We took the kids and played some games with them and they had fun. Some of the games gave a few tickets here and there as the kids played. Then, the kids were playing this game where they launched five rockets towards a space station with revolving objects all around. The almost impossible highest ticket-paying target was to send a rocket through every obstacle by timing it just right so that every movement lines up to let the rocket pass when it approaches and it reaches the center. On Ana's last rocket, she made it all the way in. Jackpot! It was around 500 tickets or something. They came out for so long. The kids got excited and then started folding them and then they just kept coming out. The thing about a family is sharing so, they both got a few toys from the ticket exchange, Ana's treat.

This is a photo of the art wall. As you can see, painting is in.

Here are the kids and Shea playing with my Criss Cross Crash Hot Wheel track from when I was a kid.

I took the kids to a park. That is Ana pushing her baby doll in the swing.

I took the kids to breakfast and the beach in Santa Cruz, too. This was part of a week off from work in April. Tami still worked and had classes so the kids and I did a lot of fun excursions.

This picture is one of my recent favorites.

I took Ana to dance class.

I've only been to their dance class a couple of times now.  It's neat to watch them. They are in two different classes based on their age so Ana's is first and Enzo's occurs a little later.

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