Saturday, May 24, 2014

Wrapping Up the Blog

Well, I think it's almost time to wrap up this blog and make a final post soon.

I have a 3 and a 4 year old now.

I started the blog about me. "Adventures of a Randy: A record of my adventures as a human, motorcyclist, and father." But so much of who I am am at this point is my children. And now that they are 3 and 4, it's about getting to that point where it is unfair of me to put so much of them out into the internet world. They will have to wait until they are older to decide what gets out there.

Not sure what I will do next. I still plan to take lots and lots of pictures and to to curate them into annual folders. But what will I do with those and how will I share them with close family but not on the web? I don't know yet. And will I start a new blog that really does focus on the parts of me that will not over expose my children? Maybe, but I don't know yet. I imagine there will be a time in the future where writing about my days will involve my children less. Though I can not imagine ever loving them less than much more than I ever did hours before any given moment. For now, it is so much about my children. They really are the most significant part of my life. I like to read my own blog often and smile and get excited to read again and see again those photos of my kids. I love these kiddos.

I don't know when the last post will come. I had thought it was coming soon and now I think sooner. I thought perhaps when Enzo turns 5 or Ana 4. But now I think it is time to wrap up much sooner; weeks instead of months. Perhaps the specific day does not need to be an anniversary of any kind. Or perhaps it will. In about two weeks it will be the 5 year anniversary of my first post. Five years of posting will come June 8th. I think this blog will likely get it's last post on or thereabouts. We shall see.

I have photos from very significant times in the last month that I have yet to post. I'll certainly be posting a series of posts in the coming days to capture this last month in photos and notes. The notes are kind of funny. I have a habit of thinking of posts to write in my head and forgetting most. For a few I jot down simple notes somewhere to remind myself of what I was thinking so that I will write when it comes time to post again and I'm reviewing the previous days. This works pretty well but on occasion the notes become a bit aged and I can hardly remember the multiple paragraphs written in my mind at the time or even the basic ideas. "Pee" is one of the notes from this last month, for example. I remember that I intended to write about Enzo peeing standing up on a couple of occasions that inspired a mental post several paragraphs long.

Something happened today in which a note would likely be written, if I ever remembered to write it, as "holly crap." Why? Because today Ana was on my lap as I was curating digital photos and I made a mistake. I accidentally mumbled "holly crap." Odd because I don't think this is a common phrase of mine and also because I am pretty good about only using words around the kids or in general that I am ok with them hearing and saying. Of course, Ana asks loudly, "why did you say holly crap, Papi?" You know, there are a lot of other phrases that I say that she doesn't ask loudly about. Anyway, that made me laugh.

So, I plan to look over some of these short notes, and perhaps write what comes to mind as I look over the last month of photos. Then, I plan to post my last post to this blog when the time is right. Just for the fun of it, the first post to this blog was titled:

"Tami is Pregnant!"

I am a very fortunate man. I mentioned the impending end of this blog to Tami. She said I had mentioned thinking this before. I guess I forgot about that. Then I told her what the first post here was and she smiled and said "we are very lucky." Yes, we are very lucky, my love.

We are lucky mud.


  1. Sad to hear the blog coming to an end. And with everything it just makes more room for, what's coming next, transformation, reinvention. Very happy for you and Tami. To the next adventure.Hugs!