Monday, October 10, 2011

Sitting Pretty

On Friday I started to write a blog post that I never got around to finishing.  In it I mentioned that Ana can almost sort of sit now.  She gets one of her legs a little in front of her, pushes up with her arms and then sort of sits up in a sideways kind of way by holding herself up with her arms.  On Saturday I knew I would have to revise that because she got both legs in front of her, sat up, picked her hands up off of the floor, and sat all by herself!..... for about two seconds before rolling over!  So cool.  But then came Sunday when it became quite clear I would have to further revise my plan and write that my daughter could sit up any time she wanted, and she appeared to want to sit herself up a lot, as she would sit up for seconds at a time, fall over, scoot herself to another toy, and sit herself up again for another several seconds.  Amazing!  I told myself I would definitely write about this when I got home today.  And now I must report that Ana can sit up when she likes, support herself through her own balance for at least a minute, and eat a knitted peace of cloth all at the same time.  Wow.  How quickly development occurs!  A couple of days ago Tami and I were excited that she was getting one leg under her butt and then around and thinking it looks kind of like she is going to sit up in the near future.  And now she is a pro at sitting herself up and balancing there.  This process is amazing to watch.

(Ana hanging with Matt and Don.)

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