Monday, January 9, 2012

Ana the 8 Month Old

Tami: I love how she always sticks her tongue out. She is so cute. She is like a turtle. No, she looks like Spike from Land Before Time! She looks just like Spike. Look, her tongue is even pointy.


Our beautiful girl is 8 months old now. She crawls super fast. She laughs delightfully with her whole mouth. She does stick her tongue out a lot; I'm surprised it's not in more pictures. A couple of days ago she placed her hand on my shoulder for the first time while I carried her.  It's something I always love when Enzo does it and if feels just as great when Ana does it.  I enjoy just holding them but it is somehow even better when they actively place an arm or a hand on my shoulder.

Randy: (Looking at Ana in Tami's arms) Enzo is never going to be a little baby again.
Tami: Neither is Ana. She's not a little baby anymore.
Randy: She's the closest we've got! (Implied: YES SHE IS!) I need to cuddle her more.

The other day Tami started dancing with Ana and she was definitely enjoying herself. Enzo asked me, or told me, to dance so I picked him up and we all danced around the living room together. These are the great moments in my life.

(On her 8 month birthday.)

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