Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ana and Sleep

Today was a day of settling debts. Not financial, those I hope I deal with next week as Tami brought home some checks. Thanks love. But the sleep accountant was next to literally holding our debts over our heads. The day started with me waking up with Enzo at some very early morning time. Tami recently realized she too is under rested when she decided that a pot ON THE FIRE OF THE STOVE did not LOOK HOT so she placed the palm of her hand on it. More then the burn she was contemplating how she could possibly think that was a rational idea. So, I decided to play with Enzo and let Tami sleep. Then Ana awoke and Tami asked me if I could watch her so she could sleep more. I said yes but she didn't know my plan was already to give her as much sleep as possible. Sometime while playing I realized I was actually struggling to stay awake and was grateful for every second When Enzo played with his sister. I must have been doing something right because later Tami mentioned that as she drifted off to sleep again she was thinking about how nice it was that I played with my kids in the morning with so much attention. What she actually said was that she wished she did that more instead of doing things like dishes and wash diapers when she was watching the kids but really I don't know how we would get along if she didn't love our children, work, and manage the house. I take the compliment though as a sign that I am doing something right.

I gave Tami a little extra sleep but I was hurting. And then Tami got up and let me go back to sleep.... For hours! I woke up around noon and all three of them were showered, diapers were washed, and the world was more orderly. We walked to lunch for them and breakfast for me. Then we came home to put the kids to sleep for a nap. We owe the sleep accountant several dollars yet but thanks to Tami I only owe change and the kids have clean clothes.

Which brings me back to Ana. My beautiful girl. An update. I haven't heard her speak a word since the day after her first word. But I did, for the first time during our play this morning, see what Tami saw already. Ana is walking along while holding on to surfaces! Beautiful.  Exciting. Thankfully I still get to see her crawl which I love. Actually, I get to see all of us crawl because sometimes we all do. Yesterday I was part of a crawl chain with Enzo, me, Ana and Tami. Crawling is way more fun then I remembered.

But also, I saw Ana do two other neat developmental achievements. She let go and stood on her own...... for about a second. And, she let go of the couch and lunged at my belly.

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