Saturday, January 21, 2012

Swinging Along

I caught a cold and am doing my best to be pathetic at home and still be somewhat useful to the family. I get concerned when I am sick so I stop kissing my family and limit contact and sleep in the other room. I can only guess that I caught something at work as no one at home is sick. And, I don't kiss or touch or sleep with anyone at work so I should assume that this 'bug' can get across to others regardless. Still, since Enzo was born, I feel cautious around the little ones when down with something. Maybe I'll be less concerned when they are older. Maybe when I am less anxious.

The best thing about being sick however, is the permission I sometimes give myself to not be productive. It is a relief. I am cultivating that relief for my every day life so that I can enjoy it when healthy.

So, while I was moping around on the couch, Tami and the kids went for a walk and played at the park. I'm a little jealous. But at least I get to see a picture of my daughter on a swing.

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