Monday, March 26, 2012

My Little Love and Bunny Ears

I find myself naturally referring to my children with terms of endearment. I suppose, also naturally, some terms I naturally go to for Ana are also terms I have used for Tami but I already asked and Tami said that it's ok.

Well, My Love, my little love- to be more specific, is growing up so much! Today she waved at me when I left for work. Today she walked over to hang out with me when I was getting ready for work. Today she came up to me, arms raised, when she... wanted to tell me I wasn't paying enough attention to her signs to go potty and now needed to change her diaper. But later!...she came walking right up to me again, arms up, because she wanted me to pick her up and love her. I melted. She just made herself comfortable in my arms and let me love her. I was going to be late today already but I would have been late just for this as I do for both my babies quite often. And, it was so worth it. My Ana is starting to openly love me and I can't imagine how much I would do to get this if I didn't already have it. And, she waved bye to me. I love this kid so much.

Here are some pics of bunnies. Tami pulled out the ears from the decorations in the garage.

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