Saturday, March 24, 2012

Reading in Bed

This morning I was so tired but I got up when Enzo did so that Tami could sleep a little longer. I have been doing that for a while now; one of the ways to show her that I love her. Increasingly, however, it is not a one way gift on weekend mornings. I was so tired again this Saturday morning that when Tami woke up I jumped back into bed and she had both children while I slept a little more. But before I could fully relax and sleep, Tami jumped in the shower and that meant that I could only be half asleep. Luckily both kids were willing to be completely focused in bed flipping through books and I was able to occasionally open one eye to see them and assure myself all was well. Ana amused herself with Rainbow Fish and Enzo "read" to himself from various pages of Go, Dog. Go! and Buenas Noches Luna.

This was so fun for me in my half sleep. I enjoyed hearing what Enzo has picked up and memorized from the countless bedtime readings of these books. I generally make a bigger deal of sounding out each letter on the cover of Go, Dog. Go! and so did Enzo. Then I realized how well he knew up and down, in and out, the sun is up, and more from various pages. I know he knows these words in real life but it was cool to hear him "reading" the words to himself in the morning. He turned the pages but several pages grabbed each time and he simply read from his memory of which ever page showed up. "You like my hat?" Super awesome. The whole time Ana looked at the pages of her book. Tami says she doesn't remember Enzo liking books this much at her age and this is yet another interesting difference caused by her learning from him.

Then Enzo opened Buenas Noches Luna. This is a book we have in Spanish and in English, Good Night Moon. I totally enjoyed listening to Enzo read this one. Two favorite parts of that reading? When Enzo got to the picture of the cow jumping over the moon and read it both ways and pointed (I opened my eyes for this) "vaca over the moon, vaca luna, cow over the moon, cow, vaca." The other favorite is when Enzo got to the end of the book. I always get quieter the last couple of pages and whisper the end, so does Enzo. I couldn't even hear the words he chose for the last pages as he whispered but the very last was "good night." Adorable.

I keep wanting to record a couple of other reading-with-Enzo-facts. Every time we get to this page of Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Enzo gets excited, points, and says "Mariachi Class!" He loves mariachi class and apparently this picture is what his class looks like to him. He gets so excited I never have corrected him. I just let him enjoy his thoughts about mariachi class.

Also, when ever we get to the party in the tree at the almost end of Go, Dog. Go!, Enzo will usually point to the dog with his legs up out of the tree and the dog helping him on the right side of the tree and say "Ayuda." That means help and I think that is sweet.

And now for the funniest thing today, no book involved. It was nap time so all four of us were in bed. Ana eventually fell asleep and Enzo was lying down talking away but just wouldn't doze off. Eventually, after a very long and amusing rest in bed, we all got up and left Ana to sleep. But before that, I got a good laugh in. Some of the highlights included listening to my son sing Jingle Bells. I have no idea how that got into his head at this time of year. "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells, ye-ye-yeallyeahayeall-la-la-yea-ya-ya-a Wayyyyy." Awesome. And then there was my super favorite moment. I was fake sleeping, eyes closed, the whole time and constantly trying not to laugh or smile too obviously big. I was just hoping he would finally close his eyes and sleep. Enzo was lying with his nose two inches from mine. We share a pillow. Yes. He never used a pillow for two years and several months ago I offered him a corner and he liked it. Now, we share a pillow. Yes, I need to buy another pillow. So, as I was saying. We are two inches away, nose to nose. I am wide awake with eyes closed and fake sleeping and had been for twenty minutes. Enzo starts playing peek-a-boo with me but not expecting a response because I am "mimis." So, he says peek-a-boo in that kind of high pitched fun game voice people do when playing with kids. And then he continued in a higher pitched voice with "I see you "Papiiiiiiiiii, I seeeeeee youuuuuuuuuu. I seee you Papiiiiiiii, I seeeeeeee youuuuuuu!" Ha! I couldn't hold it! I smiled, I laughed, the ruse was over. The Kid started laughing when he realized I wasn't asleep either, enjoying the response he got out of me and then we were done with "nap time."

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