Saturday, March 3, 2012

Trip Facts

I finished the calculations from the 2009 cross country motorcycle trip I went on. They are listed on the web page here. Here are the interesting facts copied from that web page:

Start Date: 6/14/09
End Date*: 7/9/09
End Date 2*: 11/8/09
Riding Miles: 7,561
Days*: 28

Cost of Trip*: $3987
Total Cost to Me*: $4687
Cost/Mile*: $0.53
Cost/Day*: $142.39

Cheapest Gas: $2.39/gal in Brookshire, Texas
Most Expensive Gas: $7.50/gal at Hwy 10 near Hwy 20, Texas**
2nd Most Expensive:
$3.40/gal in Barstow, CA

Miles/Gal Trip Avg: 31.69
Miles/Riding Day: 329
Miles/Day*: 270
Most Miles Day: 665
Least Non-0 Miles Day: 10

Waffle House Visits: 6

* = After day 26 I flew home and left my bike in AZ.  I returned to complete the last 2 days of the ride several months later. I used 28 days for the trip fact calculations and run costs with and without expenses of flying away and driving back to finish the ride. Also, some expense documents were lost and estimates were used for those expenses.

** = A huge multi-state southwest power outage meant gas stations were all down for miles and miles and I was way too empty.  I, and others, had to buy two gallons off guys selling gas from gas cans at a closed gas station far from anything (those guys ran out while I was there and many were still hoping to buy- I was lucky to get 2 gallons). Then I rode the highway at 45mph to conserve gas and make it until I eventually found a station with power.

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